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News > Iran’s Jaberi Ansari Meets with Lebanese President

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Iran’s Jaberi Ansari Meets with Lebanese President

Hossein Jaberi Ansari, a senior assistant to Iran’s foreign minister, has held talks with Lebanese President Michel Aoun during his visit to Beirut as the special envoy of Iranian president.

In the Monday meeting, the Iranian diplomat delivered President Hassan Rouhani’s message to Aoun.

He also discussed the latest developments regarding the Iran nuclear deal, the US’ unilateral move to pull out of the deal and the current negotiations underway between Iran and the remaining sides of the nuclear accord over its future.

“Iran attaches significant importance to expansion of ties and further cooperation with Lebanon and other regional states in all fields as well as finding a political solution to the regional crises,” he said.

The Lebanese president, for his part, said his country regards Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons as unacceptable, stressing that denuclearization of the whole region is among Lebanon’s principled policies.


He also referred to the negative fallouts of the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal on the regional stability and peace and said Lebanon supports the efforts by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the remaining sides of the JCPOA to save the multinational deal and Iran’s right to fully enjoy its political and economic benefits under the accord.

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