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News > Iran Dismisses Reports on Indirect Talks with Israel in Jordan

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Iran Dismisses Reports on Indirect Talks with Israel in Jordan

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has categorically rejected media reports on indirect negotiations between Iran and the Zionist regime over Syria. 

In a Monday interview with IRNA, Qassemi referred to certainreports by the Zionist and Saudi media outlets on indirect talks between the Islamic Republic and the Zionist regime in Jordan and called them totally baseless and false. 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran does not at all recognize the fabricated, terrorist and occupying regime of Israel [to sit for talks with it],” he said. 

Motivations behind such misleading reports are completely clear, Qassemi said, adding that such absurd and biased reports are released to deflect the world’s public opinion from the recent crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians.

The release of such reports by websites affiliated with the Arab-Hebrew axis is not surprising in the wake of certain Arab statesbetrayal of the Palestinian cause and their efforts to break theten-year resistance and resilience of the Palestinians against Israel’s aggressions, he added.


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