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News > Zarif holds talks with Austrian Finance Minister

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Zarif holds talks with Austrian Finance Minister

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met with Austrian Minister of Finance Hans Jörg Schelling on Sunday.

Schelling heading a high-profile financial and economic delegation is in Tehran to promote bilateral ties especially in economic and financial fields.

Addressing the meeting, Austrian minister expressed deep grief over the sad occasion of the June 7 terrorist attack in Tehran which claimed the lives of many innocent people.

Terrorism is a global problem and it has brought about concerns for all countries, he said.

He went on to say that terrorists acts have nothing to do with religions.

Schelling pointed to Austrias readiness in training cooperation in banking field with Iran, saying that Austrian government has recently increased banking and investment guarantees with Iran four folds.

Meanwhile, Zarif addressed the meeting saying that Takfiri terrorism has threatened all regional countries.

Fighting terrorism requires collective cooperation of all countries, he added.

Zarif said Iran and Austria enjoy good relations in post-sanction era and Austria was the first country which dispatched high-ranking delegation to Iran during the new government.

He referred to the fact that Iran has the most brokerage ties with Austria, noting that Iran is ready to establish cooperation with Austria in all fields.

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