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News > Iran condemns attack on peaceful protesters in Bahrain

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Iran condemns attack on peaceful protesters in Bahrain

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi on Tuesday condemned attack on peaceful protesters in Bahrain, adding that the attack has its roots in al-Khalifa rulers miscalculation.

The Bahraini security forces bloody attack on peaceful protesters in al-Deraz region and entering Sheikh Ghassims house frontage makes the situation in Bahrain more complicated, he added.

Ghasemi said that intensifying crackdowns and adopting sectarian approach against Bahraini people will not help resolve crisis in the country and will only result in deviation of the peaceful trend of protests.

Referring to the distinguished place of Sheik Issa Qassim among Muslims, he warned against attacking the Shiite cleric.

The Bahraini government is responsible for consequences of any aggression against Sheikh Issa Qassim, the spokesman added.

He advised the Bahraini government to give up relying on foreign sides for confronting the countrys religious and political leaders legal demands.

The official urged Bahraini rulers to abandon security measures and instead adopt political approach and trust in their people to prepare the ground for resolution of the crisis.

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